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Women, Estrogen And Dementia - The Hidden Connection

women, estrogen and dementia

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The statistics don't lie. Dementia is more prevalent among women than it is men, and this may leave you wondering why. Well, there seems to finally be some breakthroughs happening when it comes to discovering the reasons women tend to develop dementia more often than men do. Scientists and medical professionals have performed countless studies and the results aren't as shocking as you might suspect. In all reality, they ultimately confirm what many have claimed for decades now. According to the research, estrogen has a direct link to a woman's chances of suffering from dementia as she gets older.

Now that it is clear that dementia and estrogen are connected, experts have begun working together to create estrogen treatments which may be able to decrease one's risk. There are currently hormone therapy treatments that are available both over-the-counter and by prescription, but it is suggested you only follow the recommendations of your physician. The dosages, strength and frequency of the hormonal medications can vary from woman to woman depending on her specific levels of imbalance, so it's best to seek the advice of someone who knows what he or she is doing.

Although many dementia patients have been able to mitigate their symptoms using estrogen hormone therapy, it has not show any sign of helping those with Alzheimer's. Some evidence regarding the potency of estrogen hormone therapy is mixed and further research is necessary to determine why it treats cognitive deficiencies one way but not another. There is also some evidence to show that estrogen hormone therapy is best used before there are any identifiable dementia symptoms, perceivable during the early stages of menopause. If you are interested in learning more about women, estrogen and the dementia connection, it's recommended you speak with your physician in order to find out which therapy options may be available for you.

DOWNLOAD a FREE COPY of Dementia Secrets

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