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“Dr. Matzinger is worlds apart from the doctors I have been used to seeing over the last two decades. I never knew how little they were interested in REALLY healing me. They gave me at best 10 minutes of their time, after waiting 45 in the waiting room and wrote prescriptions for conditions I really didn’t have. It was not until anxiety, hormonal imbalances and other issues became out of my immediate control did I seek out someone who actually specialized in these types of “conditions” – Dr. Carolyn has changed my life – within 30 days of beginning my new protocol I did a 180 in how I felt both physically and mentally.

I was on 150mg of Zoloft when I began with her and I was able to decrease that in half due to proper nutrition, supplementation, bio identical hormone replacement, and knowing what works for my body and what does not. I have not felt this healthy and well in several years. Thank you so much.”



“Dr. Matnzinger, I just wanted to the say thank you! I feel the love from you and the genuine care. Don’t feel like just a patient and that is part of the healing and best medicine. The words you’ve given me have helped me during not so easy times. Thank you for being you!”


“Dr. Matzinger is an inspirational and motivational force of nature. I recommend her highly if you want to be you physical and mental best”


“I deeply appreciate Dr. Matzinger for her anti-aging medical knowledge, for her nutritional approach to medicine and willingness to learn, thus adding to her knowledge, for her excellent care and concern, proven by her time given to me”


“It’s a privilege to be Dr. Matzinger’s patient. Her level of expertise and genuine care makes her a treasure of the medical community.”


“In April of 2013, I contacted Dr. Matzinger after not feeling “well” for several months. Not feeling well was so hard to describe to her. Sluggish, mental exhaustion, lack of enthusiasm, no energy. Nothing specific that I could really point a finger at, but just overall, not myself. After sharing my story with Dr. Matzinger, she was quick to begin a very methodical comprehensive health assessment. The assessment included not only a review of my eating, diet, and exercise habits, but also a blood and urine study that included a 30 day detailed testing and a thorough review of the results. The depth and breadth of her prescribed diagnostic studies paint a picture that supports not only a diagnosis, but also clears the path for ongoing treatment and lifestyle changes in order to recreate the path for a healthy future. Dr. Matzinger is bright, thoughtful, resourceful, consultative and insistent. She sets clear expectations and operates as a true partner in getting and keeping you on the right path. If you have interest in investing in the creation of a true healthcare partnership and are willing to put forth all it takes, contact Dr. Matzinger – you will never be disappointed, only encouraged and supported with the latest and greatest the medical field now has to offer.”


Thank you Dr. M 


After a few years of dealing with several doctors, I can honestly say that Dr. Matzinger is one of the most effective and trustworthy health practitioners that I have ever experienced. She’s undeniably transformed my life, and I would entrust her with my life without reservation. If this praise seems lavish , I can only say that it is an honest opinion based on the results obtained by her expertise. “Stella got her grove back!”


Mikki Vaughn, Las Vegas, NV.

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